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Surveying present infrastructures.

We physically review the existing facility and its critical power system to determine possible design alterations for enhancing reliability. A system one-line diagram and facility layout drawing are included in this survey.


Offering solutions to eliminate power failures.

We offer reliability improvements to meet varying tiers of mission critical applications. A typical design alteration would be taking the existing single-power path and changing it to a dual-power path to eliminate single-point failures. Maintaining the system without interrupting power is always incorporated into the design.


Project managing time schedules and power interruptions.

After extensive experience in project managing, we understand the importance of avoiding power interruptions while installing alterations. But when interruptions can’t be avoided, we manage them to create the least amount of disturbance. By following an approved and universal plan with one person implementing and communicating the details, we eliminate costly unscheduled power losses.


Installing UPSs and other critical power systems.

Florida Critical Power works closely with electrical contractors whose primary work is in mission critical power systems. Our contractors understand the industry’s equipment and installations. You can be assured of their experience.


Commissioning critical power infrastructures.

We utilize the latest technology to test and measure critical power, while insuring correct and safe operations of the system’s components. We use power quality meters that provide wave form information, thermal graphic scanning to confirm proper terminations, load banks to test the system at full load, and we conduct IEEE battery tests to confirm the battery’s health status. Finally, we provide a written test procedure and review the graphic reports with the customer. The manufacture or the electrical contractor corrects any deviations from specifications.


Battery testing and replacement.

Batteries are the weakest link in an Uninterruptible Power System, and therefore need to be routinely tested and replaced to insure continual reliability. We can provide IEEE battery testing, battery monitoring systems, and for those end users who want to consider battery alternates, we can provide flywheel energy storage devices.