Glenn Giordano, Project Engineer

Glenn Giordano is a United States Marine Corps Reserve Vet.  He holds an AS degree in electronics engineering & technology from N. VA Community College, AA focused on Electrical Engineering from Eastern Florida State College, and is a senior at Florida State University completing a BS in Computer Science.  He worked as Sr. Electronics Design Engineer for Alcatel Lucent and is named on 5 U.S. Patents.  Glenn has completed successful designs for digital data & telephony products, as well as battery chargers and standby power battery systems for use in critical applications.  He joined USA Corporation in 2003 to work on the Space Shuttle program.  He was the system engineer for battery and UPS systems at Kennedy Space Center for 11 years in support of critical power systems for many of the final Shuttle missions.  Glenn is married 20+ years and has two teenage boys to keep up with.  He also mentors for First Robotics helping young people get excited about engineering and technology.


Orlando Office: 407-542-4121

Cell: 321-544-1682